Comments | Google Skins Hey,, The name's Kim... You can call me Kimmy tho! Hmmmmm...... ohkay so I guess this is where I'm supposed to tell you about me so here I go-----> I stuff my face with cake and open presents on May28. I play softball, soccer, and sometimes I play football with ky friends. I don't do drama so don't bring me into it. Fighting is not just a hobbie, It's a lifestyle! Music= Life! I mostly listen to screamo and NEVER SHOUT NEVER! Friends? Heck yeah,, I have tons!! My favorite color is red. I'm a pretty happy person unless you piss me off, then we got problems. Lol:) I love to party!! PARTY PARTY PARTY lets all get wasted!!! Well,,,,, Message me... I'd love to talk to new people!!! Name: Kimberlee Starr Oller Hobbies: Mudriding, Moshing, Going to concerts, Hangin with friends, Texting, and Sports. Favorite Band: Never Shout Never! Favorite Rapper: Lil Wayne Favorite Song: Loosing It Add me on my other sites too... Wells.... Just to let you know I have wayy more guy friends than I do girl friends. You call me an alchoholic, I call it a damn good time!!

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